Advanced Analytics for Public Finance

Susterra‘s analytics platforms catalyze urban development by empowering Public Finance stakeholders with powerful insights with the aim of growing the underserved Municipal Bond Market

Green Sustainable ESG Investments by Susterra
Problems we solve

Use of Academia

Leading practices from academia have not been integrated into Public Finance to better assess public benefit program ROI

Public Data

Growth of data at large has resulted in the growth of public data that is widely available, but not being utilized for Public Finance to create relevant insights

Susterra FinTech redefining Sustainable Cities by modernizing Investment Banking and Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

Technology & Innovation

Public Finance has not benefitted from the latest innovations in technology such as ML and AI due to the industry's exclusivity and lack of profitability relative to other areas of Financial Services


Enabling issuers to make suitable choices to issue new debt & invest proceeds will enable growth of the Municipal Bond Market and result in accelerated development of Smart Cities across the United States.

Sustainable Smart Cities by Susterra

TerraScore: Capital Markets Municipal Advisory platform

Municipal Funding Smart Advisor platform

Municipal Program Health Monitoring platform

Impact IQ: Bespoke analytics for Public Finance stakeholders

Green Housing Infrastructure by Susterra
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State of the Art Analytics

Provisional Patent Approval
Proprietary Data Lake
Econometric Models
Artificial Intelligence Models
Machine Learning Algorithms
Powered by Google Cloud

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Public Program Evaluation

Susterra's state of the art analytics enable the most sophisticated evaluation of public benefit programs including but not limited to:

Utilities & Public Transport
Deep Tech
Green Infrastructure
Renewable Energy

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Data Visualization

Susterra has expertise designing and building industry-leading data visualization tools across Fortune 100 Financial Services companies including integration of human-centered design practices in front-end development

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